Jesse Is Terrific

Jesse Is Terrific

The only comedy podcast that doesn't go on too long! Featuring sketches, songs and other weird comedy stuff from Nashville-based goober Jesse Perry. Download and make a new friend today!

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Jesse Is Terrific Episode 15

April 29, 2012 in podcast

Featuring Colonel Parker and the great Meryl Streep!

Jesse Is Terrific, Episode 5

July 11, 2011 in podcast

It’s the 5th one! Featuring an interview with the foreman of the jury in the notorious Good-Looking Baby Killer case, Terry The Alcoholic Robot, Important Facts About Me, and a goodbye to Wild Man Fischer.

Jesse Is Terrific, Episode 1

June 1, 2011 in podcast

If Spider-Man can reboot after 3 years, I can reboot after 10 months. Enjoy this new podcast. It’s really stupid. ¬†Featuring Colonel Parker (who you can follow on Twitter¬†right here), a look at the upcoming Harry Potter movie that ends with an explosion for some reason, and the magic of Whiny Shabazz. WHEE!

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